Welcome to Belstead Research.

We provide analysis, engineering consultancy and project management services to the space industry.

We specialise in the investigation and simulation of the aerodynamics and aerothermodynamics of atmospheric entry, vehicle fragmentation, debris demise and on ground casualty risk.

Our contribution

We execute and manage engineering projects for our clients, delivering bespoke solutions based on a clear understanding of the physical phenomena and quality software.

We construct innovative mathematical models and embed them in high performance simulations. As a result we provide insight and understanding by creating efficient and intuitive tools.

Our Services

  • Physics research
  • Numeric model development
  • Simulation construction
  • Project management


Our People

Our team of physicists, software engineers and project managers are experts in delivering tailored analysis, modelling and management services to large space projects.

We are based in the UK with offices in Ashford and Bracknell and we collaborate with a network of international partners.